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Example Work — First Republic Bank

Website Design, Development, Production, and Ongoing Website Maintenance Services for a Marketing Website

Client Overview

First Republic Bank website screenshot

First Republic Bank is a full-service bank and wealth management firm built the old fashioned way — with client service at the forefront and a solid commitment to responsiveness and action.

At the foundation of their service model is a highly connected team of sales, operations and support personnel that is universally committed to the goal of exceptional service. This commitment is evidenced through their consistently client-friendly approach to conducting business with an unwavering desire to exceed client expectations.

First Republic Bank's client service culture drives their continued focus on providing their products through the most current and convenient channels available. For over 10 years of First Republic Bank's rapid business growth, business transition and Web technology changes, Collaborint has consistently supported and reflected their vision of exceptional service.

Scope of Services

Common service activities and tasks included in First Republic Bank's comprehensive website maintenance and management package:

  • Regular content updates
  • 3rd-party application integration
  • Design and deployment of ad and promo landing pages
  • Website analytics and event tracking
  • Programming for extension of site functionality
  • Implementation of video and mobile elements
  • QA Quality Assurance scanning and analysis
  • Design and technical consulting
  • Server and database administration
  • Design mock-up and prototyping
  • Provision of custom staging and approval environments

We also provide an additional level of essential supplementary services through our monthly, retainer-style maintenance package, such as:

  • Technical consulting and liaison services to 3rd-party service vendors
  • Project management support
  • Assistive support for internal staff including tool introduction and training
  • Host migration and administrative support on both Windows and LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl platforms
  • Preparation and delivery of branding mock-ups and styleguides in support of mobile applications such as iPhone Online Banking App and Online Banking website
  • Template design, creation, asset provisioning, and post-deployment QA for 3rd-party application integration

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